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Subcontractor Opportunities

Ceres Environmental Services provides subcontracting opportunities for the following services. If you are interested in working with us, click here to apply or select one of the services listed below. Our new online application form allows you to apply for multiple services with a single application. You can also manage your account, by updating your equipment, information and services you would like to offer.

Subcontract with Ceres

Ceres Environmental Services, Inc. has more than 8,000 qualified subcontractors in its database, including local vendors who are given the first opportunity to participate in our contracts, and several preferred vendors with outstanding debris performance. These companies have filed, with Ceres, more than 81,700 pieces of debris removal equipment available for storm work. The database has been compiled over the better part of two decades and over one hundred and fifty projects. In our 2005 response for the USACE on Hurricane Katrina, Ceres Environmental Services, Inc. utilized more than 1,018 subcontractors.

subcontractor hauling

Subcontractor Training

During the 2002 ice storm contracts in Missouri and Oklahoma, many of the subcontractors had never been subjected to a certified payroll requirement, a requirement that is unusual in storm contracts but which was a feature of this particular contract.  Ceres Environmental Services, Inc. held training classes for those subcontractors and made available no-cost on-site administrative assistance. Ceres Environmental Services, Inc. now addresses certified payroll awareness and training for its subcontractors by advanced initiative training as part of their pre-placed Ceres Environmental Services, Inc. master subcontracts.