Infrastructure, Heavy Civil & Flood Protection Construction

Ceres Environmental Services, Inc. has been performing demolition and construction projects throughout the United States and its territories for over 20 years. We have provided demolition services to a variety of clients, emergency situations, and locations. Each project is unique, and is jointly planned and executed with an experienced team of operators and management professionals drawing on backgrounds in environmental remediation, engineering, surveying, traditional demolition, and hazardous material handling. These projects have included deconstruction and historic preservation elements, demolition of structurally compromised buildings following natural disasters, and development of innovative recycling techniques of demolition debris. Ceres Environmental Services, Inc. typically self-performs all demolition, decommissioning, debris removal, and other types of environmental remediation.

Ceres Environmental Services, Inc. construction projects include a large recreational area in Puerto Rico, locally known as the finest recreational area on the island due to the high quality of construction materials and presentation. Other construction projects have included a Parrot Aviary in Puerto Rico’s Caribbean National Rain Forest where Ceres Environmental Services, Inc. was responsible for the creation of a recovery complex for injured and/or endangered species of parrots. These projects and services are performed by qualified personnel and include experienced engineers, environmental professionals, health and safety professionals, quality control, highly experienced equipment operators, survey teams, and integration of technological advances such as GPS and CAD systems.

We have performed demolition and construction services for a variety of projects in severe conditions and a multitude of geographic locations. Ceres Environmental Services, Inc. has performed these services in nearly every state of the union, Hawaii, Puerto Rico, and also in remote locations such as Thule Air Force Base in Greenland 700 miles south of the North Pole to Ascension Island 5,000 miles from Cape Canaveral, FL in the South Atlantic Ocean.